When will airport editing be available to non-pro users

Hello, everyone it has been like 1-2 years since we can edit our own airports and it has been amazing :D
But I am sure like some of the non-pro users would also like to contribute to IF by editing their airports.
So may I ask if airport editing will be available to non-pro users? And if so, when? Thank you

I believe it will not be coming. Scenery editing is mainly to be used by people who have used Infinite Flight for a while, and not by starters, who usually do not have pro. Another reason is that non-pro users cannot link their IFC accounts with Infinite Flight, therefore making it impossible to make 3D airports. One more reason, and the most obvious, non-pro users could only access airports in the free areas. I would not expect this update to come at all or at least not soon.


Well then they could just edit in airports that are only available in the non-pro area?
And then IF can make non-pro users link to their IF accounts without accessing pro.

I dont have pro and im not starter i have been playing IF for like 2 years already :)

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Then what would they do once all those airports are done?

It’s less complicated (and so less costly to manage) to limit full access to community activities to pro users.

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Well the answer is pretty simple: they will do nothing. If all of those airports in the non pro area are all 3D, well then that will be amazing. Nothing else can be done, right?

How so?
Well a little bit complicated for non pro users to link their IFC accounts to the flight sim without paying a subscription.
But other than that, they will follow the same procedure as other editors: filling in the editing form and editing the airport.

Any time an exception is made you have to manage the follow-on consequences. There are endless tasks to manage across all issues. So does the benefit of adding this exception justify the cost of maintaining it? (Are people who are editing going to switch back and forth between pro and non-pro? If so how often? How much dialog and record keeping time will this consume?).

While what you’re suggesting may sound good in a limited context. You always have to ask, if you implement it, then what? What effects does it cause downstream and are there more pluses than minuses overall or not.

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Well i mean that makes sense…

Well they are gonna link their IFC accounts, right? If they feel like switching to pro then fine. You still have airport editing right? But i guess that kinda not makes sense cuz pro and non-pro switching may cause issues…
But like for now if you have airport editing, then you suddenly run out of pro, there is this same issue.

Same goes for here.

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