When were you scared when Flying?

It’s a bit of a shush thing to talk about as pilots aren’t meant to be scared when flying but I guess at some point there must’ve been something that made you scared during a flight. I’m just curious because as a kid I was terrified of getting on an aircraft. (not anymore)

I once was scared when I was on final approach with Ryanair. We were sinking really fast and we almost hit the water. (It also was a really smooth landing) Just kidding I bumped my arm against the seat infront and I broke it. I was 10 at that time(my arm)

Honestly, never. I’ve always felt comfortable when flying. Turbulence is always fun to me, and no matter what aircraft I always feel fine!


I’ve never been scared of flying.

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I mean there were this one time which did not make my fear of flying any better but I was landing and the aircraft tilted to the right just before touchdown. It looked like the wing was gonna smash the ground!

What scares me is how stupid people can be when they are flying. I was sitting next to a man that said that we were going to crash during turbulence… I told him it is exactly like driving a car on a bumpy road. It can be uncomfortable, but you are not in any danger as long as your seatbelt is fasted.

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Even so, I’ ve never been scared about flying, except when flying turbulences! :)

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Also I would like to add that the only time I started getting worried was when I flew out of San Juan. I was on the Delta flight that was the last flight out of San Juan when Hurricane Irma hit. Boy was that the worst flight I have ever had.

Just this past weekend when landing at IAD, there was dense cloud cover (about 200 ft AGL), and high winds. Our descent was quite turbulent, and on short final we were still quite shaky. The pilot initiated a go-around, which was interesting, but I’ll admit I was a bit frightened by how much we were dancing around with no visibility.

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I flew the first time when I was 5 months old. Until I was around 4 years old, I had motion sickness and hated flying. (I flew around 4 times in that period)
Love flying now :)

I’m not sure if this refers to piloting an aircraft or being a passenger, but i’ve been nervous on both regardless. I was nervous the majority of flights I went on until around 10, until I finally learned there was nothing to worry about.

Just recently, when I took my first flight, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little rattled. Taxiing to the runway, the family friend who I was going up with told me I was to takeoff the Cessna 150. Rolling down the bumpy runway, hands on the yoke, it was obviously nerve racking considering I had no experience… at all.


I have never been scared on any flight even from the beginning. I actually tend to enjoy turbulence as many others are a bit afraid of turbulence.

Some years ago, I was very scared of flying. I didn‘t even scheduled appointments with my friends for the time after the vacation because I thought I might not survive the flight (I was around 8 years old). Later I got into aviation and nowadays there‘s no better thing than flying for me.

I’m never scared 👍🏽

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I never really feel uncomfortable during flight. Turbulence is actually kinda fun. One time i was in a beechcraft travel air with 35kt winds at KHND. That was so fun lol :-)

I love flying, everything about it. Seeing other traffic, the sound of the engines, being above the clouds, the landing, takeoff…just the feeling of being that high in the air is exciting. It takes a lot to scare me when flying, but one time when I was flying from LaGuardia to Atlanta we departed runway 31 over Rikers Island and climbed very steep, to the point where you could feel the pressure changing and gravity changing and all the forces acting on your body as we went up. It was a little bit unnerving.

Only time i got kinda scared was on my 3rd ever flight. There was just some tiny turbulence after take off but i started sweating like crazy at the same time knowing well that it was perfectly normal. I guess it maybe had to with with the time (4am) and my brain wasnt working properly

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