When we are having back the Weekly Schedules?

I know since you launch the new update, you stop offering a weekly schedule for ATC regions, however, it has become boring to see always the same airports active for many weeks. Also, it is disappointing to flight for 5, 10, or 15 hours just to find out your destination is now close.

When we are going to have again a better and more optimized schedule to organize our daily flights?

Thank you!


This is something much talked about, and @Tyler_Shelton is well aware, he gave some good explanation as well as insight, I would have to find what he said, unless he is able to give you some reasoning.


Awesome! With any big change, trouble shooting is expected. It is awesome to see that you are taking IFC concerns into consideration while working on moving forward. Keep up the great work šŸ˜€

Excellent, we will be looking forward for all these new improvements on Infinite Flight.

Thank you

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