When was your first flight in infinite flight online mode?

My first time online was on 04/01/2015
Violations for me did not seem to exist. LOL

The 1st day Global came out…

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Can you remember the day it was?

Don’t even know when I first started playing bec I remember the space shuttle missions (bring them back) but it was prob KLAX-KNUC
Pre global days


my first was on the last day of the Pre-Global IF In 16 october 2017

It was back in 2017 KJFK-KBOS. What is up with those vioaltions though

Was it just me but with the space shuttle missions the first one (the liftoff )u just watched it right?

I can’t find the exact date, but October 2017.

According to my Infinite Flight logbook, my first flight was all the way back on the 28th of December in 2015. During the times when global was something that could have never happen or be thought of, when KLAX-KNUC was a very popular route. Yes, many things changed during my 4 years with Infinite Flight!

I remember flying from KHAF to KSFO on Casual in the early days of live. The standard of airmanship on Casual hasn’t changed much since then.

I started playing IF before global 2016 I think

Ill have to check back the date but I remember it being an american airlines CLT to JFK run and went very smooth in an a321

18/09/2014 at KHAF
4 airspace violations on the second flight.

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Mine first flight in live was December 9th, 2016
My first flight ever on IF was June 2014

Well my first live or online flight was the day of release of live. It was with theat the time brand new Citation X out of Half Moon Bay. I still have a screenshot on my other device.

My first flight on live? Never happened…

My first was a traffic pattern at LOWS, my home airport

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