When was infinite flight made?

when was infinite flight made

how possible for these cheaters to have 35K hours thats over 25 years flight time please explain

35,000 hours is roughly equivalent to 4 years. 🙂


Hmm. If I do the math, 35,455 hours / 24 = 1,352 days of flight time. That comes out to about 3 years and 8 months.

It’s a lot of flight time, but Infinite Flight has been around for 10 years and had live servers for at least 6 or 7… totally possible someone flies a lot and could take up that much time.


math was off but intentions were good, let’s just say this wonderful sim has been around for quite some time :)


Hey! 35k hours is approximately equal to four years. If that particular user did 16 hours of flying every day (which is very possible) - they’d take about six years to accumulate 35k hours. That’d put them at buying Infinite Flight right around 2014-15.

This is certainly possible - since Infinite Flight has actually been around since 2011, since it was first developed for the Windows Phone. I myself have been a user of this wonderful simulator since 2014.

You can read more about the history of Infinite Flight here:


Its possível we have people who Flys for days

And on top of that, I’m not sure how anyone could cheat and add on hours somehow unless there’s a secret cheat code that Laura added in or if you hacked Infinite Flight’s servers and changed your stats. All of those however are very unlikely.

the hes 24/7 non stop i see it weird

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That is still insane that means they have had there device on infinite flight flying for almost half of IF’s existence!
Shoutout to whoever that is because that’s true dedication.

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