When to use your aircraft lights

yeah they have too. when ever the plane is moving or has its engines on

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oh ok, thank you. I always turned off the beacon lights when flying.

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Great summary. Thanks.
Guess that it will be really helpful, as I notice the wrong usage so often.
Thanx ;-)

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Excellent summary and very detailed, I like it. Personally I already knew these bases there and I use them daily during my flight. This article is very useful especially for beginners who are not too used to use them. At least they will learn to use it regularly like that, everyone is in good standing ;-)
Thanks so much !

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Still seeing people use lights incorrectly.

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Only if we had taxi lights… it would be good too, also great post!

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Prehaps one day we shall.

If you still don’t get when to use aircraft lighting on the ground check this out it’s very helpful Landing Lights & Strobes

Hi, here’s a nice video from Captain Joe explaining all the lights:

Thank you @Ondrejj. But who will actually listen or watch that video and come out at the end know when to use their lights?

I feel so unrealistic when pilots turn on those landing lights and Strobe lights once they spawn in or during taxing leave all the lights on… eventhough in Expert server


Nice job,another great thread to help those who don’t know


@Johnny_Green please look here!

I believe max made a similar post about this.

Thanks, I now know a lot more aswell!!

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Read the comments in that post!

And i had made this thread before his. Just had to copy and paste it again as it got closed to 3 months of inactivity

I’ll admit that when I get close to the runway I turn on the strobes while I’m taxiing so the IF assistant says “Flight attendants, prepare for takeoff.” If I didn’t turn them on the announcement wouldn’t play and would feel unrealistic.

@Dylan_M check this topic out…

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