When to use "Tower is not accepting pattern work"

It’s in the title, when do you use that command? When the airport is busy?

Also what do you if act gives you that command. Do you just change your request to departing south or something?

Yes and yes. If tower is too busy, they can deny pattern work. This means you either don’t take off or you depart to another destination.


But when your already on the hold short line, do you request departing south command or no?

If you’re already at the hold short line, I suggest you make a quick 4 waypoint flight plan in any direction, and just depart. You can edit the flight plan as soon as you have departed the airspace.


True. Most of the time if I request pattern work and tower doesn’t allow, I just depart and do some VFR flying and them come back to the same airport as an inbound (via approach). You can depart to another airport, or leave the departure airport’s airspace and come back later as a normal inbound.

Yes. If they tell you that pattern work is not accept, you then request a departure takeoff.


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