When to use these commands on unicom?

I am wondering when you are supposed to use these commands on unicom:

  • Holding short runway xxx: I hear some people calling every time they hold short for any reason, but I only use if another aircraft is going to use that runway.
  • Requesting rraffic advisory: Are you always supposed to use this, or only when the pattern is unclear?
  • Is calling each leg required?
  • Do you need to announce crossing runway if you land, slow down to 30, but then continue to cross another runway before exiting?
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You’d use this if you are holding short for traffic landing or departing.

This is to make sure which pattern direction pilots are utilizing at the time you request. This is good to use if you want to make sure where people are in the traffic pattern.

On Unicom it’s your job to state where you are in regards to the airport so yes. This is so other aircraft can identify or look in a general location of where you can be.

If it’s an intersection then no. If the runway intersects through another runway this isn’t needed as you are on the active runway you landed on regardless of another runway intersecting your landing runway.

So to clarify, don’t spam it before announcing takeoff right?

Nope! No need to hold short if there’s no traffic, just announce your taking off on that runway.

When you are approaching the runway and stopping to conduct any preflight checks, or because their is an aircraft on approach.

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