When to use "Request traffic advisories"?

I’m always unsure when to use Request traffic advisories when on Unicom.Could someone please explain it? Thanks for all your help!


When you’re inbound to an airfield on Unicom.

You request it so that any other aircraft in that airspace (or also inbound) will broadcast their intentions.

It can help if you see another aircraft inbound or in the airspace on the map but aren’t sure of their intentions, runway they’re using etc (helpful if both ends of the runways are green, or multiple runways green)

Use the information you receive back from other aircraft to plan your approach. For example, don’t start calling inbound to runway 09 if an aircraft has responded with ‘using right traffic, runway 27’. You should try and synchronise yourself with other aircraft already established in the pattern or inbound or on their approach.

It’s much more useful in the real world flying GA into uncontrolled fields where you don’t have the ‘mini-map’


This should be able to help you. :)


Yep, only issue with getting them is when people spam it over and over, and know one knows who…

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