When to use landing lights?

I know that you turn on your landing lights once below FL100 and turn them off once above FL100.

But now my question is:

When do you turn them on and off when the whole flight is below FL100?

Is it like said above?
Just want to improve my knowledge.

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Landing lights should be turned on when

  • landing : on when you line up runway, off when passing 10,000ft, on arrival – on when passing 10,000ft, off when vacating runway

You have your landing lights when under 10,000ft, yes.

You only have your landing lights on the ground where you’re taking off/landing on a runway.

You just keep them on.


I know that smh, just wanted to know how it is below FL100

Correct on when below FL10

Alright. Thanks!

Means i did it correct always.

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“Why we turn on them is to increase the visibility. There is a lot of aircraft movement below 10,000 ft and when you are within the terminal boundary of an aerodrome. So, it adds an extra layer of safety. … This is because the landing lights in the aircraft extend into the air flow from below the wings.”


Google is a good friend.

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Didn’t really find something on google tho. But welp Boodz just said it. Thanks lads.

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The real world rules are to generally have them on below 10,000ft. You don’t have them on above that. This wasn’t your answer.

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In IRL, it can be an airlines discretion sometimes to when they are turned on and off but in the air. Som turn them off once passed FL100 but some turn them off after takeoff. Generally FL100 for most

isn’t it a FAA regulation to have them on below FL100?

Below, yes I believe it is.

This doesn’t seem legit but it is Google …

It is LEGAL to land and takeoff WITHOUT a landing light . but it is ILLEGAL to land and takeoff WITHOUT a landing light if you have passengers.

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