When to use APPR

So I know how to use APPR, but the real problem is that I don’t know when to use it. So if you know how to help me out, let me know!


When youre allinged with the runway on a altitude of 1500-3000 turn to nav 1 and turn on appr

Realistically you turn appr on when you are established and captured on the glide slope. Use some charts for reference to find when that time is. The IAF fix is where you should turn it on.

That’s the professional way

I recommend checking this guide out, as this explains everything regarding the APP mode/ auto land.


No, what I mean by this is what conditions might there be for the use of APPR. Sorry that I haven’t made myself clear enough.

They’re used in IFR conditions

In the real world IFR conditions is either when there is less than 2nm visibility, clouds at the 500 feet or less, and if sky conditions are terrible, like rain and what not, last but not least if there is 5+ tail wind or wind component. VFR conditions means it’s very nice outside and it’s perfect for visual approaches.


Hope this helped :)

I use it around when I am turning onto final and I want some further automation on the approach, and I know I am at a low enough airspeed. And I might use it just long enough to complete other landing tasks (not necessarily going all the way to landing).

I like to use it when I enter the ILS and it will take m to the runway. Then I land it myself to have a smooth landing. Hope this helps :)

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