When to use "Airport In sight"

I’ve reported airpost insight whenever I see the airport I’m in for arrival nearby and always get told to check the forums how it works.

Can someone tell me when one should ‘Report Airport insight’ and what exactly is it?



You should only use RAI when you are on a visual approach. It is not needed on an ILS approach as you are not using your vision outside but instead, you are using your instruments.


When flying a visual approach, the controller will ask you to declare when you have the airport in sight, when you do, they will clear you for the approach


I believe that you may report airport in sight, when instructed to do so by the controller, when you can see the airport from the cockpit view with or without the VC.

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I read all of your answers and now I understood. I never knew it was for visual approach.

Cheers to you all thanks for your answers!



And I recommend flying visual approaches if you can, they’re much quicker than an ILS but it’s obviously up to you

Really important is: Report the airport in sight when you can see it from the COCKPIT

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There’s a bit of confusing information on this thread.

  1. You will only need to report airport in sight on a visual approach

  2. The controller will tell you “report airport in sight” when you near the airport

  3. If you are able to see the airport on a visual approach and haven’t been told to report airport in sight, feel free to. It reduces controller workload.

  4. If you receive vectors after reporting in sight, please follow those vectors.

  5. When you are cleared for the visual you will be sent to tower. Tower will give you a sequence and clearance. At this point, it is you job to navigate to the runway.



Very informative!

Again thanks for all your answers!

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