When to use aircraft lights?


never heard of that rule before, why is that?


In GA planes they can reflect off the clouds causing weird optical illusions and disorienting the pilot


but we don’t have clouds at the moment, in IF but I can change it is we do.


I was thinking of this the other day, after watching tons of flight sim vids I notice the times when the lights are switched on. Thanks for this, very handy! I think the community will appreciate this extra step in realism :)


thanks for the comment, and I’m sure everyone will, thanks again


@George_Flack could you also add this video? Has some really nice info and it also shows the lights for anyone who doesn’t know where they are. Just a general good complementary content.


Thanks @George_Flack for that:)

And we also have Captain Joe of course :)

so let’s add Skyhawk Heavy ^^

Landing Lights & Strobes


This is very useful thanks :)


@George_Flack This was very useful, super clear, and very exciting. Can’t wait until IF will have logo lights, in the near future!!!


Thanks for info!

Question in terms of IF, for IFACT that are working ground, do you guys even notice the lights on IF right now? or are they more for just show


In case anybody is debating whether or not to watch Captain Joe’s video that @nicochile2 posted above, I would definitely recommend watching it. He explains everything with great attention to detail, and if you have time, it’s worth it to check out his other videos. On the other hand, @George_Flack did a great job with explaining when to use each light while keeping it simple. I’m glad someone made a post about this as I have seen a great number of people use the lights incorrectly.


Thanks you! This is very helpful, I’ve always wondered when I should and shouldn’t use lights. Bookmarked for future use.


I’m just going to put this right here…


Such a helpful information. Although I knew all of those, I bet it helped a lot of people. Keep the good work @George_Flack Cheers!


Beacon lights on when engines are running, so IF has it correct right now. After engine start/stop is enabled you’re absolutely right that they’ll have to change beacon lights to off by default.


You’ll have to change the beacons off of the engine isn’t running since the beacon tells others that your starting the engine. But the beacons should be on when all engines are running


Correct, we’re on the same page. Your follow up was also interesting, regarding the the light flow that you’ve been taught. My school teaches a bit differently, but you’re right that it’s kind of up to the pilot as long as FAA rules are followed. My school teaches NAV lights on at all times except parked and shut down.


Yah. All pilots have there own flow and there not all the same. I know that as a fact bc the brother and I have too different flow patterns


Thank you all for for nice comments, I’m glad this has helped too!


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