When to turn

ok i know this is a REALLY stupid topic but i cant ever turn right when I’m in cockpit view is their a method of doing this or do i have to just use outside view.


In the air or on ground?

on the ground

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You can also just use a drone camera and place it behind the nose wheel (some planes already have a camera there)

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oh ok thanks

I think from within the cockpit it’s difficult.
You could use the outside camera and switch to cockpit view to get some impressions and you might find some points to look at while you turning.


Some planes in real life (such as the A350) have a camera just like Infinite Flight’s nose wheel cam that pilots have access to, and basically they view it to view the surrounding taxi lines and know when to turn.

But again what @bbrockairbus said is the best option.


Try turning perfectly with an outside view, then head into the replay with the cockpit view selected to see where and how the plane needs to turn.


Hey, also some planes have cams in other places like in the tail. This can be very helpful when turning


This is how you do it. :)

Adding on to this, it usually helps to imagine where the base gear are. Being that this is your “pivot point” so to speak, you should try to imaging basing your turn off of that, not the nose gear.

As others have suggested try using the outside view and then replaying in cockpit view. The basic concept of maneuvering the aircraft inside the cockpit however. Is that you want the taxiway centerline to go right in the middle of your point of view. So if you need to make a 90° turn you go past that centerline looking forward but begin the turn when your field of view is looking straight down the taxiway you wish to enter. This requires moving the camera view as if you were looking. It takes some practice but you will get the hang of it.


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