When to turn

Hi guys.

Quick question. I love playing this game. its fantastic. but im needing some help with the flight plan.

When do I start to turn the aircraft? When it says <1min to next or when I arrive at the next point?

I always seem to go way of course. Maybe because the turns are too sharp?

Your thoughts, experiences and help would be appreciated.

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20 sec later for me

Down in the status bar, all the information at the bottom of the screen.p you can hold and press on one of the small “widgets” and choose “Bearing”. When it displays something different than what your current heading is, change your heading. This is how I mostly do it.

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Thanks I have this problem as well lol

You can also put the estimated time to next waypoint in your status bar. Start turning 10-30 seconds before the next waypoint. It depends on your aircraft speed and bank angle.

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