When to turn seat belt sign Off/On?

I flew in real life and i have one time pilot turned on when we start decsent and one time just before landing so…

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100ft for me… Safety on my airline is not a priority


Hi. More than likely that isn’t happening at the beginning of the actual descent, but at an attitude closer to 10,000.

As you said, it should be turned on by 10,000’. However you may want to turn it on earlier than that to give your virtual passengers time to get to their virtual seats.

For me it turn it off at cruise with no turbulence. But sometimes I forget to turn it on…

Just as for switching it on (see the quoted post below), it depends on the flight time for me (which is the same IRL in my experience too). On a very short flight I will switch them on at around FL120-150 (about 10 minutes before landing). On longer flights it will be much earlier, probably around FL250-280 depending on the approach (seat belts on a bit before steep turns if the flight time allows it).

Obviously this would change in case of moderate/severe turbulence.

Interesting question @LeonardIF18!

Quoted below is the switching the seat-belts off recommendation I have:

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I keep mine on until cruising altitude is reached. I will turn it on and off depending on wind.

I turn in back on around 20-15k feet.

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