When to turn on VNAV

I turn on VNAV at cruising right?

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No. I believe its when your about 3-4 minutes away from TOD

VNAV for altitude changes, LNAV for heading changes

You can turn on VNAV during cruise, it’ll calculate your TOD and start descending when it’s time. I turn it on at cruise.

EDIT: I don’t do this when approaching an active ATC airport lol

You can turn on VNAV whenever you’re not going up. I’d always suggest having VNAV on when you’re at or nearby and ready to respond to your device.

VNAV will start to descend when a STAR and/or Approach is in your flight plan, or you’ve assigned altitudes yourself. It will start when the Nautical Miles displayed in the Autopilot box hits 0.

Well, if you turn it on during cruise, and you aren’t at your device, and you are flying into controlled airspace, and you start interfering, that’s when we as controllers open the so-called “report user” menu and send you off the server.

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