When to turn on the landing lights?

Hello guys, quick question, I played infinite flight for a month now and yet, I don’t know when to start turning on and off the landing lights. Please tell me when to turn it on and when to off it.

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Hey there! I’d recommend you to check out this tutorial:

If you want to read more, check this out:

Hope that helps!


@NJ_Neri… MaxSez: Extract FAA regulation FYI:

In the United States, landing lights are not required or used for many types of aircraft, but their use is strongly encouraged, both for take-off and landing and during any operations below 10,000 ft or within ten nautical miles of an airport (FAA AIM 4-3-23). According to CFR 14 and FAR Part 91.205, a landing light is required for all aircraft used in commercial operations at night. (Source: faa.gov/Wiki)

(Note: For additional detail search GOOGLE “FAA & Runway Safety Best Practices PDF or The Free faa.gov Pub “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge)


You are not required to have landing nights on. However, night commercial flights must have them on during landing as per FAA regulations. Generally, I switch them off on take off after reaching 10,000ft and turn them back on as I descend below 10,000ft.


Is this at any height @Maxmustang ??

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Like mentioned above there isn’t a requirement when to use them, In the Airbus they drop down, so typically we use they for a bit of extra drag. ie If I’m trying to regain profile the landing lights give me a few extra Hundred fpm in the decent. Typically we retract them once the flaps are retracted as with higher speeds because the landing lights can start to cause a vibration in the cabin which is annoying.



I think he means the arrival airport.

@LouDon… Have to interpret , think FAA just covers there a** when they write regs. Believe common sense applies like the VFR Rule “See, Be Seen” dictums. Believe the correct interpretation as I was instructed is below FL100, encouraged, situation dependent, below 10 near an airport always. “Near”? How far it that? LOL
It’s a common sense safety thing not a FAA FAR Violation of record no matter how you apply it. Regards

This is a discussion item at a Pilot bar. Big Ego’s in dem places particularly Btwn Sport Pilots (GA) and Tin Smith’s ((CPL). LOL

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I have another question regarding the use of landing lights. If the airport is not near sea level (example KDEN at ~5500ft MSL), should I turn them on at 15500ft MSL or 10000ft MSL?

Here is a simple list on when to use the the different lights:

No smoking - Always turned on
Seat belts - When the refuel and all weights are done and a little bit before pushback
Nav lights - Always on (IF only)
Landing lights - When you have got takeoff clearence and when you are in the air but under 10000 feet MSL. Turn off when you exit the runway after arrival
Beacon lights - Turn on before you pushback. Turn off when all engines turned off in parking
Strobe lights - Turn on when you cross the hold short line to enter runway. Keep on for the entire flight and turn off after you exit runway on arrival

If any of these are wrong, please do tell.

Or you could also watch this video like @Adrien mentioned: Landing Lights & Strobes

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MaxSez: Altitudes given in FAR’s are normally AGL not MSL. G’Day

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