When to turn on Engines

So in real life planes usually start the engines when pushback is done and ur in the taxiway or during push back but just wanna make sure is it the same on IF or does it matter when should I start my engines?

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I usually start mine after pushback. Sometimes when I’m in a tri or quad jet I’ll turn on 2 engines for taxi until I’m near the runway to save fuel.

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Ah ok cool!

In IF it doesn’t matter when you start engines, for realism you can remember to start one at the gate and the other after pushback pre taxi or while taxiing. I just don’t start two at the gate. You can start both after pushback. It also depends on how many engines the aircraft has such as if your flying the 747. Same concept though

Some airlines do a procedure known as one engine taxi, where they turn on one engine to taxi, then turn on the others when they get close to the runway. As for pushback, IRL, i mostly see pilots turn on Engine #2 on PB, then turn on the other after they are on the taxiway.

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In real life you find that the larger planes start engines after pushback as the tug has already got enough weight to push. But smaller plane usually start them during push

Interesting! I was on a Cathay flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong on a 773ER and they turned on the engines after pushback then applied the flaps idk if it was both but it was after pushback

Thats why they dont do it for larger planes.

Or sometimes pilots turn on 1 engine dependents on what direction there pushing to help the tug push the plane easier in that direction

Ah it’s not like a danger or anything for the ground crew? They not gonna get sucked in?

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No, as you can see if your at a window seat, they stand a few feet away from the wingtips of the aircraft.

Ok cool! Sounds good thx for the answers guys!

Just the ground crew can’t stand behind the engine as well that will be funny according to some videos on YouTube

Personally and in real life they usually start the engines during pushback. It’s only a risk for ground staff if they were to increase thrust, otherwise idle engines should not succeed in anything near the engine.


If you use IF assistant app and keep the normal setting, you would start after pushback or it will be out of sync with the attendants.

If you use IF checklists it’s the same thing. Engines on after pushback.

By all means do what suits you. Just an idea to throw at you.


This has probably already been said before, but some airlines will just turn on 1 engine until almost ready for takeoff or until they cross a runway, like I was on a UA flight recently and only 1 engine was turned on to taxi until we crossed a runway at which point it was turned on

This is how I do it.

  • Pushback
  • Start Engine #2 after completed pushback
  • Start Engine #1
  • Taxi
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Yes it has been said before

Yes. No need to wait until ground crew are disconnected and clear to begin the engine start sequence. the engines are not run above idle so there is no danger to ground crew.

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People usually have different opinions on This topic but MOST OF THE TIME again not always, most commercial aircraft start their engines during or after pushback. If on a commercial aircraft I begin to turn on my engines in the following situations:

-Before beginning my 90° turn when pushing back
-After passing the vehicle crossing line (the white roadlike line behind gates in some airports)

Engine #1 is usually started after engine #1 for a safety purposes (you usually start with the engine farthest away from the left side in case of emergency) there a topic regarding this so I am morning going to go into much detail.

Some aircraft start one engine at gate but it’s usually on a remote stand but this is rare. Some airfraft taxi with one engine as many people have said.
If on a GA plane well you start your engine at the ramp, tie down, apron etc just not the tarmac 😂

I hope this cleared a few doubts :)
Happy landings!!