When to turn after a go-around?

If I initiate a go-around or if tower sends me around, when am I supposed to make my turn?
Does anything change if the go around is caused by a slower aircraft departing in front of me (ie. going ruway heading causes a conflict)?

I think when ATC instructed you make left or right traffic xx runway, that’s when u turn

You should put some extra throttle, level off, gear up and when established, you start going up and putting up your flaps. At that point you should start your turn. The ATC will not tell you when to turn…

Here’s a tutorial:

To be more precise, you start turning when at pattern altitude. (1000ft AAL for ga and 1500ft AAL for commercial)


I would say it depends on traffic around you. Always be mindful of others. If they instructed right traffic, gain a goood speed and altitude and then turn. You don’t need to rush, don’t worry. Take your time.

You’ll normally fly the whole length of the runway before you turn. Don’t just turn right away.


Wait for them to hand you off to approach and then you announce missed approach. Then they give you further instructions

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If not instructed by ATC

You should make your way clear of any traffic.

Example: Heathrow Turn away from any opposing runways and ideally if in a Jet aircraft, remain at 1500ft AGL (GA 1000ft AGL) which is clear of all other traffic, and ASAP contact the ATC for a go around.

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That aircraft should have any takeoff clearance cancelled for your go around, so that you aren’t both hitting upwind at the same time.

You should always fly into the upwind leg, even if slightly abeam the centerline.

A 360 on final is not a go around.


Also tired of people “going around the circles” (the airspace)

Just use charts. They will tell you what to do in the event of a missed approach.

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Without ATC, yes. If there’s ATC, do what @Marc said and be compliant with all instructions given to you.


Ok I think we can stop answering here and close the topic. I have seen at least 5 different answers and some saying the same thing as others. How is this helping answer the first question…? It’s not

In my first reply I pointed out the official tutorial to the op. @Tim_B, supervisor, added that you should also fly into the upwind leg. I think it’s sufficient and we can all agree both him and the tutorial are the correct source and are right. I don’t think it’s useful to go into case by case real world scenarios as it’s not relevant and is more confusing than anything else. Should I point out that at Geneva they have to fly until a certain altitude before the turn for noise abatement? No

I would continue climbing and retract gear and flaps and make the left/right turn once at the opposite end of the runway.

People are only trying to help the OP sir, they are not replying out of spite. There is really no need to be negative to all of the other posters giving him information.


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