When to start engines?

I’ve had this doubt for some time now. I’ve seen people in game start their engines while they’re pushing back but other people start them when they are done with their pushback. I also decided to look up the irl procedures but i’m still not sure.

it depends on you. I usually start them as I’m pushing back.


Yea it really is up to you I do either one sometimes if I’m pushing back and someone else is holding short I do it while I’m pushing back but if I’m alone I do it when I’m done


also depends on ground traffic, if busy i start it as soon as i start pushing back but if I’m alone then i start when when I’m done pushing back

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Same with me

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I normally go with the following:

  • Hit pushback.
  • NAV and beacon lights.
  • Engine 2 start.
  • Disengage pushback when lined up.
  • Engine 1 start.
  • Flaps.
  • Taxi.

Edit: luckily for us all, this is a downloadable app on an electronic device that provides a good release from the banality of daily life, light and good fun to boot. I’m sure some minuscule personal preference details can be let go, right? 🤣


Both can be done.

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nav is on when you are at the gate. Beacon comes on when you begin starting the engines


I do as I described above 👍

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I personally start engine 2 during pushback but that’s just me

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Normally when the engines are off the lines for the parking spot, which is what they do in RL, then you start the engines.

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Most of the time IRL the engines are started during pushback which is what I do in IF.


Nope, navs should be on at all times electrical power is on and beacons should be on before the aircraft even begins moving so ground crew knows to anticipate the aircraft’s movement. A common misconception is that beacon lights should only be turned on when engines are running, but they should also be on whenever the aircraft is moving, by its own power or from a tug regardless, for safe operation. Also not all aircraft have engine 2 as the first engine you start, and aircraft you can do that on aren’t limited only to that option.


Hey, dont know if you knew but the Beacon is actually used to signal that the aircraft will be or is in motion, this can be via engine power or being tugged around. so you actually turn beacon lights on before pushback.

Hope this helps you out in becoming an even better pilot.

Clear skies



If there are planes wating for you start during pushback if not then wait to start after pushback

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would hope there are no planes eating me during pushback though

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oOoOO learning everyday. Thank you.

But ya i turn it on prior to pushback

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So for me I usually start after the pushback is done.

But. I take a quick scan of aircraft on ground before pushing back. If ground frequency is busy it helps to be more efficent for ATC (If applicable) , Fire em up during push. That way i can request taxi immediately after the pushback is finished.

Actually Beacon lights come on when you’re about to start pushback. When at arrival gate, after turning your engines off, you shall turn beacon lights off.

Thats exactly what i do. Thank you very much