When to start descent

Hello again Infinite Flight Community, I just wondered if anyone had an easy and quick way to calculate when to start my decent. Wether that’s mental arithmetic or an app i dont mind. I never know when to start my decent and I always end up pitching down and that can sometimes lead to a crash. I just dont know. Thanks😁

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cruise -( airport elevation + 3000) : V/S= minutes i have to descent

This is how i do it


There’s a Swiss 001 video on it on how to land well and do a good approach


And how much earlier should you do it if there is approach at the airport?

Again watch the video

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This might help too:


I will try to get my head around that one

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There’s a bunch of tutorials on the forum… the one above, etc. The search bar is helpful too.


Been many many topics on this recently, always remember to use that search bar!

As a very quick guide ( please have a look at the other topics on this!) take your Flight level, devide by 3 and you get the DTG (distance to go) when to start your descent.

Ie 35000ft = FL350
350/3 = 116

so start at least 116nm from your destination.

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You can also use a descent calculator ;)

Here’s one that I use:


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The formula for it isn’t that hard it’s just;
TOD= (Alt/Rod)*(Gs/60)
Pick a rate of descent you like
Alt= Altitude
Rod= Rate of descent
Gs= Ground speed

If you want to know how fast to descend from a certain distance then;
Rod= (Gs/60)*(Ft/Nm)
Ft/Nm= Altitude loss needed divided by the distance to destination.

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