When to properly contact Tower [After taxi clearance]

When you ask to taxi to an active runway, when you get there, should you ask for frequency change or not? They tell you to contact tower when ready, so I guess not, but see many people ask for it

NO need to ask for freq change


Ok thank you

What Tom said. And only switch to tower when you ‘get there’ - the hold short line.
We see many pilots switching to Tower too early, which makes it impossible for Ground to issue ‘give way’ instructions.

Good question though!


ATC will tell you to taxi to the runway and to then contact tower. If you do ask to change Freq, you’re more likely going to be told that you have already been told to change Freq and to check tutorials. If in doubt, just have a quick read through your ATC log to check what the instruction was 🙂

Ok, it makes sense
I just wondered because I live in Norway, and if you want a coke for example, you know you’re going to get it, but ask to not be rude, so I taught it might have been like that in IF also

What did my ATC log tell you? I mostly wondered because I don’t normally ask to change freq. but to know if that was the right thing to do, to not ask

When you contact ATC the text to the right is the log, if you missed your instructions, that is good for a quick reference before you ask them again.

Which is why those people are often greeted with “you were already instructed to change frequencies”.


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