When to file FPL (S/O route)

If I’m flying a top over route (YSSY-NZAA-SCEL) when parked at YSSY, do I file my FPL for the whole flight or just to NZAA, then once at NZAA file the last leg?


Not sure what is protocol but I do only the leg I’m doing. That way I know how far out I am just by looking at the bottom bar, instead of doing math.


Ok. I usually file the whole flight :)


Yeah, it’ll be a lot easier for you to know how far out you are and how long is left of your journey to your first stop if you just file it to that airport, but I believe in real life they would file the whole flight plan at once.


I’d personally file the first leg of the flight before the second as winds and other conditions may have changed. You could also make adjustments to the waypoints before continuing on for the second leg. Either way, these are just my preferences, and filing the whole flight wouldn’t be a huge issue.

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