When to exit the unicom?

I’m a Grade 4 pilot in Infinite Flight but I’ve always wondered when the right time is to exit the unicom. I usually exit the unicom when I’m at least 5nm away from the airport. I’m not sure if this is all based on opinion, but I’d love to hear anyone else’s ways of doing this.

It doesn’t matter, you can leave once you leave the airport or leave when you tune into arrival. I for example wait until I tune into my arrival airport just because for some reason it’s satisfying for me to see in the ATC bar
“Switched Unicom, XXXX-XXXX”


Ok, thx. Yeah I agree that seems really satisfying, too.

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I usually exit when I get out of the airspace of the airport.

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I honestly say, I do not exit unicom. I stay there and let it exit itself alone. I love hearing messages to any frequency.


I stay on and announce inbound for touch and goes 7000 nmi away 😂

I’m weird


That’s epic right there

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I think we’ve all done that or still do it 😂


I usually tune out about 50-100nm away but I don’t think there’s really an exact time you should tune out

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I usually leave as soon as I’m climbing out

I usually forget to tune out and just get that “wake up call”, and I tune out 😂!

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It all happens sometimes lol

Around 1000-2000ft after takeoff since the takeoff is one of the most important phases you need to pay attention throughout

I leave it when I am about 10NM away from the airport.

As per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),

All traffic within a 10-mile radius of a non-towered airport with an active CTAF/Unicom Frequency should continuously monitor and communicate on frequency, where appropriate. When arriving into an airspace, a pilot should be tuned in at least 10 miles out - but a good pilot will be on frequency much further out! On departure, pilots are required to remain tuned in until you have left the pattern and/or until you are clear of the movement area.

Read this official FAA document regarding this:

Me personally, I try to follow exactly this! As Infinite Flight starts to evolve towards further realism, Infinite Flight users should start educating themselves on real world procedures: that way you have the option to be even more realistic in the future! :)

same here xD

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