When to enter pattern after takeoff?

Was wondering if there’s any official guideline or protocol for when to make your first turn into the pattern after takeoff ? I did some pattern work the other day and made my 180 left turn about 5 or 6 miles out of the airport, however the pilot behind me was flying the same pattern but started to turn after only about 3 miles thereby ending up in front of me. Result was that we both found ourselves entering the downwind leg about half a mile apart and in danger of colliding ! I’m not suggesting that he/she was in the wrong, it may very well have been me.
I’m aware that on the last turn of the pattern to final ATC can issue instructions to “extend downwind” or “I’ll call your base” to prevent pilots on the downwind leg from turning to final when there’s traffic, however there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rule for that initial turn after takeoff.
I have seen when ATC ing that there’s a command to “extend upwind” but must admit I’ve never used this and have never been instructed to do so, even on the advanced server.

Thoughts anyone ?

If you’re flying pattern work the usual procedure is to fly out on the runway heading in the climb to 1000ft and then make your turn crosswind in the direction of circuit.

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Real world jet don’t do full traffic pattern. If 2 aircraft departing same direction they follow SID(standard Instument Departure) so you won’t have someone cut-in front of you. The turn usually happen at DME, which is situated 5mile from runway. Full traffic pattern good for learning(ppl, Cessna). Until people learn to behave. you do the right thing, this is not race 😀

Only way to prevent this without SID is by assigning altitude and keeping big distance between 2 traffic pattern take-off, people don’t have patient.

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@Simon_H… Farid & Nigel nailed it partner. I’m a Caravan Driver. Sleight out, 1000’ & make the Turn. On Unicom call your turns and keep a good scan. Pushing big tin or or a light GA & in controlled airspace listen to the man. With Hvy Iron Long tip toe Approches and in IF I always plan on hitting the ILS intercept fix inbound. Good question.
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