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I have seen posts about Virtual Airlines and people promoting theirs, although they are not IFVARB approved. Should you post a topic on your VA if you’re making one before or after it gets approved? Not to say I’m not particularly making a VA, but my curiosity got the better of me so It would be great to know. Also, how do codeshares work with VAs? Couldn’t post this in the VA topic.

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All the topics about VAs in the #live:va category are official and have been approved by the IFVARB. Promoting a VA outside of there is not allowed.

To answer your second question:

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You must post the topic after your VA is approved. Once your staff team is ready to open the airline applications.

I do not have experience about sharing codeshares, this is something you will have to ask the IFVARB staff or active Staff of other VA’s.

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@Thomas_G @Kuba_Jaroszczyk how would you recruit staff members as I believe you need them before requesting verification. All I now seem to need are staff and TL2 which will come soon enough hopefully! Not to say I’m still not creating one as I am in 2 VAs and want to put effort in to flying for them at the minute.

You would post in the topic I’ve linked below to offer staff positions only, once approved for reviewal by IFVARB (so you would be accepted for reviewal, but not approved at this time)

Best thing is to have a friend or someone to start with, and expand from there.

– WestJet Virtual Group CEO


Thank you :-)

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