When to disengage A/P?

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I am wondering at ILS approach when would be the best altitude to disengage A/P and countiune landing? ( as for real world,commercial airlines procedures)

Are you using the APPR function? If so, you are not supposed to, it lands by its self, but for just AP I would do 2000ish AGL to give you some time to get settled into the calibration.


I usually turn it off when I’m on final and established on the localizer


Because I love free flying, I personally disengage it around 6-9nm out. Or if I am flying a visual or I am not using fixed points to help line up with runway I will disengage around 20nm out. I suggest disengaging as soon as possible because it is really fun to free fly.


Is disengaging at 2000 AGL normal airline procedure?

It really can be disengaged at any time. If you watch any cockpit videos of landings on YouTube, you will see that some pilots do disengage
the autopilot around 2000ft. You want to make sure if you are going to manually land the plane that you disengage the autopilot before the “Minimums” call out. We don’t have that in Infinite flight (yet) but you can use In flight assistant, (costs $5) or just say it out loud when you’ve reached around 200ft AGL. The time when the call out is said depended on the weather and visibility conditions.


I agree with the above post. Also because you want to make your trim acceptable during landing you don’t want it to pitch dramatically in either direction when you’re on final.


That is very important


I disengage autopilot when I intercept the ILS. Then I continue my approach.

Totaly agree and I do the same. I practice paterns with 767 IFR condition at 1500 AGL once per week. This is where the fun begin.

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image If you guys want an advice : when you are on A/P, « kill » the little pink line on the « trim » button… 1% at the time. So when you turn off the A/P, the pitch will keep stable.


Thanks. Any tips for maintaining stable for the lozalizer while manual landing it? (Consider of wind factors)

So when the A/P is disengaged maintain 50% of Trim?

No. Usually it’s positive trim, it depends on how your device is calibrated.

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You should disingage AP around 1000 feet

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Pardon me but how does trim actually work?

Check out the topic below. It really helps you understand what it is and how to use it in-flight with some detailed diagrams. Let us know if you have any questions!


Just be sure to calibrate and hold your device very steady. Be sure to make small adjustments left or right to keep the little circle on the hud, on the centerline. Same thing with crossswind, keep the circle on the runway centerline.

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Thanks I kinda get it. The tutorial says apply to the opposite does it mean applying POSITIVE trim at decent?

The easiest way to put it is that you don’t want to see any “Pink” in the trim box. So you would change the trim accordingly (press and drag up/down) to get rid of the “Pink” in the box. The tutorial above goes more in depth with the meaning of it.

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