When to descend for “Global” flights

Hello all! Today I was playing with Global like all of you, and my dad helped me out (he is a pilot for FedEx) with when to descend and he gave me this basic equation

How to know how far out to descend: multiply your altitude by 3, then divide that by 1000

ex: you’re flying at 35,000 feet and the final approach is 5,000 feet.
35,000-5,000= 30,000 feet to lose.
30,000 x 3= 90,000
Knock off 3 zeroes. (90,000 becomes 90)
So you start descending at 90 miles.

  • this assumes a 3 degree descent (300 ft/nvm)

I hope this helps all of you, as I noticed a lot of people with like a 3,000 vs on expert which is not something normal. 😝

Thanks for the help, feel free to add the bit of information in one of the open topics for descent calculations. See this topic that Brandon so graciously provided for the communities use ;)