When to contact Tower on Approach?

When Approach is not active, and only tower and ground are active, when do I contact tower with a request to land? Is there is a certain distance in miles or do I wait for them to contact me? Thanks everyone!

Tower will send on guard when you are 25nm out at 10000ft but you can contact tower at 30nm due to the range

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Thank you!!

It’s preferable that you wait until you’re 25nm out at 10000 if it’s busy. When traffic is normal, 30 is fine, just don’t do it too high.

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20-25NM out is a good range. Make sure you’re at an appropriate altitude & speed also.

I’m still new to infinite flight, learning as I go, is there a “how to” manual that I can read up to understand how to use ATC as a pilot in the game? Thanks!

What are the appropriate speed and altitude? Is there a general rule I can follow when coming in to land for both those criteria? Thanks!

Here’s a list of great tutorials you can use to improve your IF experience. To answer your question, really it’s simply using your best judgment – don’t call in above 12-13000 ft AAL, but also consider how far you need to descend to make the approach.


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