When to contact ground

Hi guys.

To cut a long story short, id like to ask, preferably from somebody with authority (ATC or ATC higher up the chain, moderator or staff?) what the correct method of exiting the runway is, and when we have to contact ATC.

When exiting ESGG yesterday i was flooded with messages from ATC, 5 within the space of 10 seconds, including that i was not cleared to enter the runway, to check tutorials etc etc. I observed numerous pilots also spammed with the same message.

The way in which i exited the runway was the same i have done in the last 200+ hours of flying on the sim, but its the first time i’ve ever personally experienced or witnessed others being spammed like this. Id rather we not focus on this aspect however as that will end up to a lot of off-topic posts. This is to clarify the correct method in black and white hopefully, not to relive past events.

I have already PM’d the ATC, who replied with only this link:

This doesn’t seem to be official or endorsed by anybody with some authority, hence it seems theres just a lot of personal opinions etc.

Having read through it, there is no definitive answer and neither does it clarify anything in my opinion, on how to contact ground on IF. I feel this is important to point out as this isn’t real life, although we try to be as close to real life aviation as possible. I raised some queries in response with the ATC and there has been no reply since, and i don’t think i will be getting one. Again, id rather we not focus on this aspect however as that will lead to off-topic comments.



Did you stop in front of the hold short line (on the runway side) and request taxi to parking?


When you are exiting the runway, turn off in the direction specified by ATC (if specified) and taxi past the hold short line. Then stop your aircraft, and switch to ground.

If you were told to cross a runway with your exit command, cross that runway and once you pass that hold short line request a frequency change.

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Can you share your replay? You should not receive a “You were not cleared to enter the runway” unless you were crossing a parallel runway or were using another intersecting runway as a taxiway.

I think a replay will go a long way in answering your questions and prevent people from throwing out random reasons.


Id be a hypocrite if i answered. I think this is very important, just want a simple answer to the question posed please. Thanks.

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Is there a way to share video? Be it on this post or via a private message?

The airport only had a single runway if that answers your question? Sorry if it doesn’t can you clarify what you mean. Thanks

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You can download the replay and upload it to sharemyinfiniteflight.com and then share the link. The replay file is not a video file.

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Thanks ill do that now.


I thought you were meant to keep taxing to avoid blocking the runway exit
At least that’s what @mwe2187 told me once

You can but don’t interfere. Just use common sense. Chances are the ground controller will get to you before it creates a conflict.


My point exactly, that being it isn’t black and white. Different airports, different taxiway layouts, different situations, consequences and inevitabilities.

I have shared the replay with Chris (hopefully) and after that i’m sure he will clarify the procedure once and for all, instead of personal opinions/practice.


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Can confirm, i never suggest someone stopping, it does more harm.

However, it’s about paying attention to surroundings and making sure you follow ATC / be aware of other aircraft.

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