When to contact centre

So recently i have been having a look at the handbook on the infinite flight website, and i cant find anything that shows when to contact center.
if anyone knows please your help will be much appreciated.

Centres airspace extends from Surface up to FL600 so if you see centre open and can contact it, between those altitudes, then go ahead and check in. If you’re away from your device so don’t see it then don’t worry about it you won’t be reported for not contacting centre.

I am currently flying at 38000 in a center atc airspace but i cant seem to contact them?

That’s likely because you are over 270nm from where centre has opened. For example Melbourne centre extends all the way from Sydney to Perth. If Melbourne centre is emitting from Melbourne you won’t see it till 270nm away even though you are in the same airspace.

Right ok so basically i am out of range despite being in the airspace?

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Yes, its not the best solution but it’s all we have at the moment


Yes. That’s correct.


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