When to contact Center?


I have a quick question on when to contact Center on IF. When I click center on the map, sometimes is says (FL 18,000-0 feet). When I enter that airspace ATC tells me to contact them but I don’t know why because I’m above both those altitudes. Is this a bug?


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The boundaries of Center’s airspace is within the white enclosures and Surface to FL600. Anytime you are in there, you can contact center.

Keep in mind, the emitter only ranges to 405nm away from the airport the controller has open. This is why you may not be able to contact them, even if you are in their airspace

You can contact Center whenever you’re handed off from Departure - or above FL180 (18,000 feet). As long as they’re active!

Keep in mind, that if you’re away from your device for more than 2 mins, Center will not force you to contact them and you can fly undisturbed. However you MUST contact them if you’re descending through their airspace to an arrival (a STAR).


If IFATC tells you to contact CTR, contact them. Otherwise, yes, they normally control Class A airspace, which is FL180-FL600. In some cases, they might also control below that, but that only happens in a few cases.

In infinite flight, Center covers from Surface to FL600. As long as Approach and Departure aren’t open, you may contact center. Note this is for IF purposes only as this may not happen IRL


so what do i do if they control from 18,000 ft to 0 feet not in a Class A airspace?

@Drummer answered that I believe.

ok thank y’all!


This image provides a great visual of what the different layers of Airspace look like.
Feel free to check out the ATC guild Introduction | Infinite Flight if you’d like to learn more :)


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