When to ask

I never asked about this.

As long as you know now what to do when you get pilots that do not listen then thats all that matters. as mentioned before if they have community accounts then utilise the PM and educate them how to use tower and ground frequencies. I hope this helps!

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Issue resolved here:


And in here, too. I don’t know how many times it will take for you to understand, but I’d highly recommend ingraining this in your brain now, because guess what, Expert Server isn’t much different. So what, you have a report button, but that ain’t a get out of jail free card.


That is taking about a troll nothing to do with this.

Also please be aware that you can get reported for spamming on the forum. If you have asked this question multiple of times then it most likely would be counted as trolling. The user guide is the perfect place to educate yourself on how to ignore trolls on training server. Cheers


It’s basically the same thing. Just ignore them. Your on TS. People don’t know how to fly.


lol so true


Ok I’m sorry answered my question.


Listen…As people have said above you cant do anything on TS bottom line it is just somthing you have to deal with until you become IFATC. (echo from @Thunderbolt) You will just have to put up with it. Now if it is someone from the IFC make a pm with him and question his flying. Other than that there is no more need for these topics as many people have answered it mutable times on many different topics.

TS is a place to learn. Many people dont know what to do so if there is a way you can contact them…Educate them to help them understand. :)

Best of luck in the future,


This thread is a great example of how not to become moderator.

I believe this horse has been beaten to death and we can all move on with our lives.


Yeesh, didn’t know there was an echo in the room, but okay then.

I’d also like to say that your definition of “trolls” won’t be eradicated once you enter the Expert Server. Don’t get the illusion that Expert Server is the perfect world, because it isn’t. And, as I stated, the report button is not your get of jail free card. You misuse the report feature, you get in trouble for it. It’s your duty (@PilotA320) to be the bigger person and leave the trolls in the dust. It’s like saying if I were the smartest student in my class. I’m not stopping to argue with my classmates about something nominal; rather, I’m focusing on doing the best I can and putting the best effort into my own work. That’s how you become successful in life, and successful in the route to becoming a member of IFATC.