When to arm VNAV

I have watched infinite flight’s tutorial on it, but im still not exactly sure at what distance I should arm VNAV prior to descent. If someone can please help me that would be hugely appreciated.

You should arm VNAV when you reach 1 minute before you start your descend into the airport you’re flying into

I just arm mine when I reach cruise on a short haul. I’m a lazy pilot 😂

There is no real time to do it, just do it when you have been cleared to descend, or are ready and with your device. If ATC is active, I strongly recommend not arming it until you have been cleared.

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I would say be careful about doing this. All of my violations have come from arming VNAV when reaching cruise, falling asleep, and then getting an over speed violation because I didn’t wake up. It only took me 18 times to learn to stop doing that 😆

I only do I for short hauls not long hauls

  1. first make sure you have a proper flight plan properly included with STARs and Approaches with altitudes
  2. from the time you reach a cruising altitude, this will show the time you are away from the top of descent (TOD:____) and the distance in NM (____NM). it is recommended that you arm VNAV when you are 1 minute away from the top of descent
  3. over here you too you will be able to see the distance from the top of descent. when you have altitudes in your flight plan and you don’t see a number over here, you have missed the top of descent so beware :)

VNAV calculates the vertical speed in accordance to your speed, you should usually aim for -1600 to -1900 as this will be a smooth descent

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Thank you very much.

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