When to Announce, or When Not to Announce, Position

Okay, so I’m flying around on the TS. I’m under Active Tower ATC. I’m cleared for the option, I do a touch and go and take back off making left traffic as instructed. Here’s what I need help with, or clarification on, at least: On my downwind leg, I announce downwind, tower responds with Roger. On my base turn, I make announcement, and I’m told “ur already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports” okay…this goes against what I was taught, so I disregard. (TS) and on the short final I announce final and am told the same thing.
Soooo… Please help. On the expert server, no issue with this, on the TS it’s different. What I’d like to know is what is the CORRECT procedure. Do I or do I not announce my positions if I’m under ATC control or is it predicated on whether I’m cleared or not.
Please help. Thank you in advance.

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Were you given a landing clearance on downwind?

And yes, training server ATC isn’t as good as Expert Server ATC, if you were given landing clearance, no need to announce your pattern legs, and if there was no landing clearance given, just continue on your pattern, if he in some case forgets you and doesn’t give you clearance even on final, announce it so he doesn’t forget.

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Yes, they gave me clearance. First I was number one, then I was number two. I did continue to announce AFTER clearance tho. So I shouldn’t if I’m cleared?

Yes, if you are cleared to land, there is no need to announce your pattern positions :)

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Ok, thank you for your help. Greatly appreciated.

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Additionally, if you are finished flying patterns, it’s best to announce full stop.


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