When to announce clear of all runways

There are already 2 topics about this, but they both talk about “clear of runways” with ATC, but I am talking about it on Unicom.

Hey IFC,

Every time I make a flight to anywhere on Infinite Flight, I am most of the time always going to use Unicom (yes this is the expert server and I don’t normally choose my flights according to the expert ATC schedule). After landing, a pilot is supposed to announce “clear of all runways.”

My Question: When do you announce “clear of all runways?” I have noticed some pilots say they are “clear of all runways” and then announce that they will cross a runway later. Me, I announce “clear of all runways” after I land and cross every runway necessary to get to the terminal.

Am I correct? Or am I supposed to announce “clear of all runways” and then announce that I am going to cross another runway?


If you’re going to announce that you’re clear of all runways, then cross another runway then there is no point of using the command. Cross all runways, then make sure the entire aircraft crosses the hold short line of the final runway before announcing clear of all runways.



Yes, you are correct.
You announce it when you’re clear of all runways and will not cross anymore.


Thanks, @Chief305 and @DiamondGaming4 , then I guess I was doing it right all along!

Someone can close this now.

Thanks :)


Depends. Immediate cross, after the cross (land 24R @ LAX, immediately cross 24L).

If You land 25L and exit right, there’s some significant taxi space before you cross 25R. I would announce clear there in case you have to hold short for a 25R arrival.

Hmm, 2 people saying that I am correct, one says that I am partially correct.

Unless @Tim_B, @Chief305 and @DiamondGaming4 are all commercial pilots IRL, maybe we need to ask @DeerCrusher for help. He is a commercial pilot.

I don’t like screwing around on the live servers, especially the expert server, so I am trying to learn everything I can about IF.

I’m not a pilot, but you were asking about IF.

First step is asking 'What is the purpose of the call?"

Answer: To tell everyone that you are no longer on a runway, and it is safe for them to land.

If you land on runway 28 at KATL, are you going to not let people know you are off the runway until you make the one mile taxi back to the ramp?


You announce clear of all runways after you have exited the runway you landed on or have finished crossing a runway. Now obviously if the runways are in close proximity just send a crossing runway message, like if you’re on an RET that takes you to the adjacent runway (KSEA is a good example), then announce clear after you’re across that inner runway. KJFK, taxiing from the ramp to say, 04L. You announce crossing RWY 31L when you get there, then announce clear after crossing it.

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