When time is the Expert Server the busiest?

Hi, I was just wondering when and where the Expert Server is the busiest. Currently it’s busy in the Amsterdam region, but just a day ago it was busiest in the London region… does it just fluctuate from time to time or is there a region that is always busy, such as SoCal on Traning Server 1?



IFATC always control only on one region at a time so that’s where the vast majority of traffic will be. It varies by day and time… aside from weekends I I have not noticed specific times of the day that it gets busier - it really varies.


We IFATC change the region one to two times everyday. Always expect alot of traffic while the FNF. :)


What is FNF?

Friday Night Flight


FNF means Friday Night Flight, which is an event organized by Mark Denton. :)


Or if you’re flying in TS1, I like to call it the Friday Night Fight.

It can get so hard to for pilots and ATC in that server and with all the nimrods, but nonetheless FNF is always fun to fly in.


Regarding time, it’s busy most of the time when ATC is staffing, with the exception of the period where it is too late in the Western Hemisphere and too early for the Eastern Hemisphere.


It’s the busiest when it is around noon in the continental US.

Sundays are usually when the most traffic is on expert I’ve realized

There may be a slow time after ATC switches to a new region to allow pilots to switch. We try to rotate regions and balance out the usage for the week, there is no set schedule.

Some regions are better than others due to more airport’s. For example opening Singapore on the weekend usually isn’t a good idea because of the number of larger airport’s. We also try not to open the region that FNF will be in the day before for example.

i thought so too

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