When these animations will be added in IF?

Why there’s no smoke in IF when we land as well as there’s no rainy season or Snow in IF…. When it will be added in IF?? Any idea??

Nothing has been announced yet, however, with the continuous progress seen with the optimisation of their new graphics engine, Project Metal, it might be possible for these to be added later down the line.

I believe that work on dynamic lighting is well underway, with that being a key feature needed before the rest of these graphics changes, it might still take a while before it’s announced, let alone developed for a mobile application.

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maybe you can try making a post about smoke in IF when we land. and rainy season or snow in IF.

then we have to see if we want to vote it. post must i #features

if you have low posts. I want to vote

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Tire smoke is already in another feature post: Tire Smoke

As well as weather: Precipitation and storms

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