When "The Sniffer" Shocked Indonesia

Three years ago, on 24 March 2017, the United States Air Force’s Boeing WC-135C Constant Phoenix (reg. 62-3582; based at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska) make an emergency landing at Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport (BTJ/WITT) in Banda Aceh, Indonesia due to number 4 engine fail in the air while flying from US Naval Base in Diego Garcia to Okinawa, Japan. The aircraft was intended to fly near North Korea as they want to launched the intercontinental missile. After a few weeks in BTJ due to engine replacement delivery delay (which means more USAF aircraft arrived, but unfortunately I didn’t have pic of those), finally he departed to Japan, but this time to the Yokota Air Base.

Actually, the place where I take this photo were restricted area as it near small cargo terminal. But, because the news channel make a coverage of this aircraft at that place and my planespotter friend as well as his friend who work for local newspaper is there, so I could say that picture above is the closest range I can reach to take photo of the military aircraft.


Now I could be wrong, but for a plane with 4 engines and 1 engine not running I wouldn’t exactly say emergency. But still they would have to divert to the closest suitable airport. But besides that that’s a really interesting story!

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Yep, that’s true

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