When the Old meets the New…

I just want to say thank you so much to my good ole buddy of mine Mr. Maniac. He’s the one who helped me make this come together. Props to you my dude!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

After all of the military posts I’ve done in the past, I figured I’d switch it up. My friend and I decided to do a two ship formation of a P-38 Lightning and a F-22 Raptor, kinda representational of the USAF back then and now. (Somewhat about the USAF Heritage Flight) We flew out from KNPA, flying along the Pensacola beach all the way to Destin. Then turned around and landed back at KNPA. The mind blowing part about this is how crazy we went from piston powered prop planes to turbine powered jets with afterburners.

Runway Taxi 🫠.

Prep for takeoff ✅.

(Don’t worry, he moved over so he couldn’t get blasted by the burners 🙂)

Of course, the beauties in the Sunset 😍.

The famous USAF Heritage Flight Cross-over break 🇺🇸.

The final picture before turning around and heading back to Pensacola 🥲.

Excuse us kissing the ground 🥴

Once again I really appreciate Mr. Maniac for helping me make this flight happen. Loved each and every minute of this experience! 🤝🏼

Flight: KNPA - KNPA
Flight time: 0:42 mins.
Planes: Lockheed Martin P-38 Lightning II &
F-22 Raptor
Server: Training


I do not know if this pun was intended but it is so good!

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P38 or f22? I just can’t decide!😍😍


did not even notice that! thanks for making me laugh a little 🤣🤣

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me neitherrrr 🫠

Glad you were as amused as I was, thank you for lightening this sick day a little haha!

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you’re very welcome! i assume you have caught a cold so i hope you feel better!

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Nice shots! Love that you flew at NAS pensacola!

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Pensacola is on my bucket list to go to. And thank you!!

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Nice its worth a trip! You should definitely visit the museum there if you have a chance, I made 2 topics on it and it is amazing.

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And downtown palifox in pensacola is so beautiful, there is a lot to do there

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