When the Major has to do the Airman's job

Several F-35A Lightning II aircraft arrived here to Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany as part of a Theater Security Package. For one pilot, the Spangdahlem flightline was familiar territory.

U.S. Air Force Maj. Michael Slotten, an F-35A pilot from the 421st Fighter Squadron, Hill Air Force Base, Utah, who was stationed here in 2004 as an Airman first class fuels distributor operator, visited his old unit and became requalified to refuel aircraft July 11.


“I remember petroleum, oils, and lubricants leadership being very adamant that I keep POL in my mind, my heart, and my thoughts, as I moved forward in my career — and remember where I came from,” Slotten said.


He also got in touch with his old supervisor who is stationed here again.

Slotten reunited with Tech. Sgt. Charles Moore, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron fuels distribution NCO in charge, who was his shift supervisor in the early 2000’s. They toured the POL building where Slotten used to work and visited the flightline where Slotten had the opportunity to refuel an F-35.


“I definitely knew he made some pretty cool moves out of his career,” Moore, who has kept in contact with Slotten, said.

Slotten said his success is due to great leadership in his enlisted career.

“I remember supervisors like Tech. Sgt. Moore being very supportive,” Slotten said. “They allowed me the time to complete my college education. I commissioned in 2008 because a couple of my supervisors here talked me into it. Had I not been in this supportive career field, I probably would not have made it down that path.”

Moore said Slotten was also very dedicated to his goals.

“His goals were laid out before he even came here,” Moore said. “He wanted to pursue education, be in a jet, and he didn’t let anything distract from that.”

Another former POL coworker here agreed.

“He was a very intelligent young Airman when we first were here, and it does not surprise me that he’s made it up to major so quickly,” said Michael Kessler, vehicle shipment customer service representative.

Slotten hopes his visit will encourage Airmen who are seeking to commission.

“It’s cool for me to go down memory lane,” Slotten said, “but it’s less important for me and more important for those looking to follow a similar path and have that fire to go and try something different.”

Moore, who is also a resiliency instructor, encourages anyone looking to follow Slotten’s path to focus on their goals and keep pushing forward.

“Don’t let any roadblocks or any challenges hinder you,” Moore said. “Keep on truckin’, as we say in POL.”


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That’s actually pretty awesome to see…

There’s some great people out there who love there jobs…


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