When The Future Takes You Back

I’ve recently noticed in a few screenshots of mine that the 21.1 update quite possibly re-added in something I’ve missed for the longest time. “The Old Shine” as I call it was what made me one of the most well-known photogs in the sim back in it’s pre-global days, when there was only 4 modes of sky, and the textures of aircraft could be brought out in a fantastic way.

I’ve included a pre-global screenshot for comparison purposes. (Yes, I know the rules. Doing it just to show what I mean)




That’s incredible! I’m glad we have the Pre-Global "shine’ back - it adds that extra feeling of "life’ to the simulator.

Hey, who is this old guy? I feel like I’ve seen him before…

I kid. Nice shots, Nate! ❤️

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Wowow this is insane

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Lol. Speaking of old, I wonder if Anshuman knows it’s back. He’s the guy that inspired me to take on that style (if you were part of the old IFFG, you’d remember him stealing the cover photo).

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He’s been busy with University I believe, I really miss him. He had some insane skills!

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Nice!! It makes the reflections look much better

Glad to see you back!