When The Community Gave Me Hope

Today marks my one year anniversary on the forum, but I do not celebrate it out of shallow accomplishment but over the endurance I picked up against the extreme hardships of myself.

I got my very first sub in Dec 21, 2018 and later joined the community on Feb 13, 2019 without knowing what I was doing at the time (lmao). Initially I realized this was an IF forum, with many answers, tips, tricks and more that continues to shape my IF pilot. I met many like-minded users, which unlike real life, I could comfortably socialize with.

Then high school rolled around and I found myself battling time and my life. As the year went on, I found it increasingly difficult to master the balance between IF, school, and my other life.

When the world tried and tries to dispose me, turns my world upside down, drain my self-esteem and mental stamina, take my real life friends from me, leave me in complete darkness…

I know that I have a community of real, authentic friends to retreat to. These friends are reliable, trustworthy, kind, smart, humorous…enough to repair my soul to face the hardships of life. I have never felt a more stronger bond between the amazing population that roam around here and myself.

The forum became a second home to me. I felt the freedom to speak for my mind, where as in the life I live in, that didn’t feel real at all. Many days, almost no one seemed to notice me; I even called myself a ghost because it seemed as if people looked through me. Even though I was unique, I was unique enough to be doing other things no one else did in my school. I often felt lonely due to that reason.

The loneliness would cease to exist when I arrive at the community. Every day, I could get myself to hop into a fun conversation, and talk and talk…the community distracts me from my troubles that constantly pester me. I know the community is composed of some of the greatest minds on the planet that support each other…I was positively affected by the magic of the IFC; it simply made me happier from my serious nature.

Even in the most chaotic times of my life, the community has always been there for me, to support me (and everyone else). When I’m on the verge of mentally breaking down, the forum is all that keeps me in one piece and gets me through.

I must admit, Infinite Flight has dominated a place in my heart. Sometimes, I feel independently strong enough to recognize myself as more unique, not odd.

When my heart is heavy, when I am not smiling, when my stubborn and cold-hearted nature begins to take over, the first thing I think about is Infinite Flight and the community. All the achievements I’ve made, all the friends, all the flying. The community gets me up back onto my feet, even when all appear to be lost.

But most importantly:

The community gave me something to believe in.

Whenever I am active in the servers, the steam just rushes out from my brain and it’s just a calming sense when you are 30000+ft from a gnarly world.

I will forever be in debt of the hope the IFC has flown into me.


You guys are some of the best friends for…everything, probably the best friends for a lifetime. To describe your awesomeness will exceed pages.

I give all my thanks to everyone in IFATC, IFAET and across the VAs and VOs I’m in. I also owe a massive debt to everyone aross these groups, for it was they who I found teamwork, friendship, and funny moments that color my (already) gray inside.

Of course, everyone in the community is such an extraordinary friend. This is a debt that is unpayable. Friendship.

Thank you, Danke, Gracias, 谢谢, and Merci, Infinite Flight community.


Your thanks is greatly appreciated. The community will forever be your friend :)


Every hardship you face, every difficulty that arise, every dilemma big or small, that you find yourself in, always remember that it is your life, your journey, you, who fight through it all. Never go around it, put it aside, or escape from the dark times, but take the lesser good days in and crush through the layer of hardships. I know it is difficult, it’s painful, feels like you’re all by yourself and empty inside with nothing left to live for, that’s where your close ones come in, us here in IFC are always standing by your side, behind your back, with you every step you take, till the end of life and beyond.

Never fear the odd, dark and cold days, it’s one if many that will lead to a brighter time. After every Winter comes a Spring and Summer, after every Rainfall, the sun and maybe a rainbow too appears. If today wasn’t to your gain, tomorrow won’t be a loss, knowing that you did your best to get through the difficult times.

We, or at least I am extremely happy that you are here with us. You’re knowledgeable, thoughtful, and very helpful towards everyone. I’ve seen your posts, they clearly picture what a wonderful person is sitting behind those words.

I wish you the best of luck going into the future and a happy, prosperous and healthy life ❤️ — and I’ll say this ahead of time, Happy 1 Year Anniversary on IFC. One year of amazing posts from you so far, another whole year waiting for your incredible contributions ✌️

Virtual Hug 🤗,


I’m more than glad to be on this list, and it’s my 1 year anniversary for IF Live in 4 days! 😀

@Captain_JR if you didn’t get an A* in your English, then show your examiner this community 😂


Those are some beautiful sentences man. Amazing. We won’t give up on you or anyone (•‿•)

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I hope things work out for you mate 👍👍
Just try and stay positive true everything, even though it’s very hard, it can help a lot.

All that said, I’m delighted for you that you’ve found something you love. From reading your text, it sounds like Infinite Flight and the IFC are more of a hobby for you, it’s more than that. I know school can be tough as I’m currently going through it myself. Especially when your not interested in something other than football (no hate on football). I look forward to seeing you and talking to you on the IFC in the future 😊😊😊

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I did get a A. But these posts don’t meet the requirements for a high grade in school, rather high grade is met for encouragement for one to lead their life to a brighter future despite current day hold backs. May my words assist you than be compared to grading for a school subject that focuses on other aspects ☺️


That…was way deeper than the average IFC post. I’m so glad to be a part of your journey!
Funny thing is my anniversary passed just a week or two ago, so we are of similar status :)


Congratulation! @Claudio It was a special experience right?also warm

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This warmed my heart. A lot.

I’m glad I’ve been able to help you out. If you ever need anything in the future I’m here.


I can relate so much to this. During some hard times in my life, the weeks that never end, the broken friendships, people were here to talk with me.

I’m so honored you put me on that list. It means so much to me that I could be there for you as you are to me.


I feel this. A lot. I’m proud to have made it on your list. Here’s to another year :)


Ah high school. One day your just chilling in 8th grade minding your own business, you have the perfect balance of school, life, sports, and IF. Next day BAM your in high school being overloaded with work. As a 9th grader (freshman) I completely understand where you are coming from.
Remember if you need anything we are here to help.


Great Thread, @Claudio. It’s been great having you around.

In regards to the high-school stuff, I feel. While I’m in 8th grade, I take 10th grade level classes so I know the challenge of having trouble trying to balance homework and Infinite Flight.

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This is great to have read, it made my day.

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I can relate to This!!
really good read it also made my day.

I’'m a freshman also! so i understand this also



Congratulations @Claudio.
Happy 1 year anniversary on IFC! 🥂🎊
I know that feeling! 😁

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