When the A330 gracefully touches down..

Video of Egypt Air A330 landing in Hurghada HEGN, Runway 34R ,some corrections necessary before touchdown due to the crosswind and gusts. On ES



Imagine that with gear tilt!

Amazing landing mate. Quite the greaser ;)


Hello! Great Video!

Please Don’t show the HUD in pictures as stated in this topic have a read if you like!

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One of the smoothest crosswind landings I’ve seen.

@Matt_Croatia001 the picture with the HUD is to show the crosswind on final.


Oh Okay Sorry about that he didn’t state it!

Is it better now?

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Now that is a crosswind butter landing! Really nice video!

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oof amazing butter! :)


50…40…30…20…10…Grease (or is it butter?)

The thing is on the 330 and 340 that it looks so smooth from outside when he touches down but inside you feel the aft wheels of the MLG getting in contact with the runway- which is smooth- but then when he sits down, the second touchdown of the forward wheels from the MLG, that is a totally different story.

Many think a tilting gear where the aft wheels of the MLG ( main landing gear ) contact the surface first leads to a smooth touchdown… but for a smooth landing it is best when all MLG tires touchdown the runway at the same time. Gear tilt has only reason: No space in the wheel well to not tilt it. And if you have to tilt then its better to do it the other way… like on the B767 or A350 and few others…

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How’d you keep your nose up so long?

He Uses Throttle to keep it like that without stalling

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Let’s not start that argument. Lol.


Now your talking. Gear tilt!

That’s a very greaced landing!

Well it’s a bit worrying if you nosedive when you land, if that’s what you do

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Well done my friend !

A lot of nose up trim… its called aerodynamik braking… if land at an airport where you have:

  1. High outside temperatures
  2. A long runway
  3. A dry runway

you can spare the engines while not using the thrust reverser and also spare the brakes. Airbus gives you a caution message when the brakes become too hot. It then shows on the ecam display “ brakes hot/ delay take off” If you have a short turnaround time you have 3 possibilities:
1)Use the brakes only as much as needed/ use more reverse thrust if needed,
2) Delay the flight until the brakes cooled down, or
3) takeoff as normal but then leave the gear exdented for about 10 minutes
Solution at this airport was for me : number 1) :)

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