When taxiing, my plane moves off the taxi line.

When I am taxiing, I always aim to taxi on the yellow lines. But, whenever it’s windy, my plane will be dragged off the taxi line. This is very frustrating. One reason this may be occurring is due to the wind. I hope word can reach someone who can fix this. Thank you. 😀😄

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Are you taxiing next to where there are RED Xs? Try the other end of the airfield!

i also have this problem sometimes.

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Well, having played Infinite Flight Live, I am very familiar with only taking off and landing where the runway is orange or green. But the problem persists if I do taxi to a green or orange runway.

try playing with the Auto-coordination option in setup. I have mine switched off and just use the rudder while on the ground.

I actually tried doing this and the plane still moves. I think the wind causes the plane to move. But I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s deliberate.

Great advice though!😀😄😊🙂

It should be “When I taxi, my plane moves sideways”. Changed to that. Anyways, it’s actually usually because of wind in larger aircraft. But in the smaller ones, it might just be the sensitivity of the gear turning. But it’s okay. We have all probably had to deal with this before.

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Are you referencing once you land? I think there is a known bug about positioning when you land at another airport…


He means it moves sideways depending on wind conditions, not shaking.

The Devs know about it, it’s called the land moving bug or something along those lines. Apparently it’s a tough bug so, be aware that this might be around for a while.


Thank you. And thank you to everyone who helped and contributed.

No worries ;)

No idea how violent this goes but in real life we always have to correct its like driving a car you never go straight, reasons are for example:

  • bumps
  • wind
  • tire pressure difference
  • engine thrust difference

Just now, I flew the A320 and I noticed that it is very difficult to stay on the centerline when taking off; even though, according to the HUD, there was no wind. Now, this caught my attention because it is indeed the first time I notice that when just starting the flight, previously this was only noticeable after landing. Has any of you experienced/noticed the same?

He’s not referring to the wind. The winds not the issue.

The issue is a bug known as the ‘float point bug’ it’s basically a fix point issue that causes the aircraft to ‘slide’ left or right. It’s a known issue and the developers have been working on it, sadly it’s not an easy fix.

The further you travel form your origin, the more severe the bug and in turn: the more the plane will wan’t to ‘Slide’ and shudder.

For now you’ll have to put up with it, until a later update implements a fixture.



Did you have Autopilot on?

Nope, only manual.

Then it’s one of those floating bugs

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When I fly from say EGLL to EGBB London Heathrow to Birmingham when I taxi at Heathrow its fine but when I taxi in Birmingham it looks like there is a crosswind and its also very hard to park where you want but say if I fly from Heathrow and go round to land back at Heathrow I don’t have this prob please fix!