When someone confuses a real simulator (Infinite Flight) with a childish game particularly in Expert Server

This is nothing but disrespect to the hardworking staff, moderators and officials of the Infinite Flight Co. and other users who look at this app as a serious, meticulous and high detailed simulator. I am Sorry.

Hey there! Thanks for your post today. Two quick things I’d like to cover here.

  1. This could be due to the visual glitch in which open door animations remain present, even if the pilot has all doors closed.

  2. Unfortunately, these photos violate the Screenshots and Videos guidelines. Please see the topic I have linked below for more information regarding the use of this category.

Thanks for you understanding!


In which category should I post these kind of topics?

This is a common glitch that happens to many people. Sometimes doors will appear open when they are closed. See @Zachary’s post above for more about the violation con guidelines

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See above!