When should your lights be on?

Hello IFC,

Today I would like to remind all of you when you should use your lights and when not to do so.

  1. NAV Lights: Required to be ON at all times when the aircraft is powered on by the GPU or the APU.

  2. BEACON Lights: Required to be ON at all times when the aircraft is moving or engines running. Also during pushback.

  3. STROBE Lights: Required to be ON at all times when entering/crossing an active runway and in-flight. Do NOT taxi with these on!

  4. LANDING Lights: Required at all times to be ON when below 10,000 feet or an active takeoff clearance. These lights should NOT be on when you get the “line up and wait” command.

Hope this serves as a reminder to keep the skies safe!



The user guide appears to state something different when it comes to landing lights. According to the guide, the landing lights should be on at all times when on a runway or below 10K.


Humm, according to the FAA Landing Lights should be on once clearance is received.


Yeah, a little confused about #4. I turn on landing lights when I turn on the strobes, which is just prior to entering a runway after getting clearance to go on the runway.

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That’s probably the minimum usage of the lights. For the most part, that is up to the company procedures of that airline. In IF, I would say it’s fine to have the landing lights on when crossing or on the runway. I do that myself.


Oregon is kinda right. Well, not kinda but is. Aircraft that are LUAW are to not have their landing lights on.


I see what you’re saying, I always wait until I receive clearance. But… I think it’s really up to the pilot.

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Interesting, I found what you’re to talking about! Cool to know

Though also according to that, FAA it says that all exterior lights should be turned on for crossing the runway, so for crossings, landings lights should still be turned on. Right?

Probably best to forward that to Regan, so the guide can be updated accordingly. Though, light usage aren’t a huge deal or issue imo


What about for runway crossings?

Everything goes on. Light your plane up like a Christmas tree


Alright, thanks!
And thanks @OregonAviaton, I’m going to change how I activate my lights now lol

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Exactly, it’s also serves as a safety feature to alert other aircraft if the aircraft on the runway is about to roll. Thanks for checking me!

Love to inform each other!

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Still looking for a designated taxi light button though. Feels weird taxiing without a nose light or with landing lights


Totally agree! Especially in night operations, when it becomes difficult to see without that lighting.

Well thanks for the heads up. I will keep my landing lights off until cleared for departure or announcing on Unicom


Agreed, even after 22.4 I don’t really taxi much at night when it’s busy since it’s pretty difficult to see other aircraft when it’s crazy busy, even though I can see the taxiways just fine.

I knew you hated people who use lights wrong, didn’t know you hated them so much to create a post lol

I can’t believe I taught a mod something! I’m so happy!