When should you request a frequency change?

In what circumstances, in a full flight, should I, the pilot, request a freequency change?

From taxi to take off to landing…


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You should never ask to change frequencies after you taxi to a runway. You have already been given premission to change once you are at the runway and ready for takeoff. If you are departing an airport, you can request frequency change shortly after taking off. But usually the controller will do it for you. While on departure, center, and approach, you should always stay on their frequency until they tell you to change. When landing, the controller should give you an exit runway command. This gives you premission to change frequencies AFTER you have completely exited the runway and are taxiing to either parking or to an active runway.


You shouldn’t really have the need to request frequency change. Usually, controllers tell you to change.

You request frequency change when you are taking off and departing their airspace, and if you a transitioning

As mentioned above in most cases what ever frequency your on will tell you to change frequency. To a specific frequency or just give you “frequency change approved good day”. There are some occasions where it’s acceptable though. Transition may be considered appropriate, but the tower controller should tell you to switch once your clear of the airspace. VFR traffic should request frequency change if they are with center or approach, and have the airfield in sight. Since we don’t have that command yet that’s what I base it off of. But the controller may give it to you before hand as well. So really there aren’t many occasions of it being used.
The main thing is if your on an active frequency Dont request to change frequency on the expert server it’s really annoying, we do know what we are doing unless VFR as specified :)


@Brandon_Sandstrom… MaxSez… Well Said! I liked the VFR part. Now if Pilot friendly commands like “Flying VFR” where added to the Approach/Departure & Tower Comm Menu’s we be on the road to “real”! Speaking of REAL “Where’s AFIS”?.. Have a nice day Bran!


You should never request frequency change, on the advanced server at least. We will tell you when to change frequencies.

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