When should I use flaps?

When descending using 777, when should I use my flaps and what flap degrees should I use?


I saw this, but these are just limits.

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Deploy flaps if your to high, applies for all aircraft, on smaller aircraft aim for higher approach angle and for 777 you want the 3 degrees

Once you are slowing down, in the 737-700/800, it is usually below 210 (in the real world), but also depends on your weight. Flaps 1 around 200 (or below), flaps 2 is 3-5kts lower than flaps 1, flaps 5 is around 5kts lower, and so on. Landing flaps (30 is typical for large airports) is around 138-148kts in the 737. It depends, but usually once you are slowing down.

For departure, flaps 5 is typical in the 737 and 777, and you can slowly retract them as you gain airspeed. For example, retract to flaps 2 at 170, 1 at 180, and up at 190 (just as an example, I don’t have the actual speeds pulled up). Hope this helps!


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